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Thank you for participating in the nomination of our fantastic colleagues for the MALT Awards! There are three nominations in the form below, although you do not need to nominate someone for all positions.

This form will be open until Nov 1st, 2018.

Each year MALT members nominate their colleagues for the MALT Awards, consisting of the Montana Language Teacher of the Year, Montana Outstanding Contributions to Teaching Foreign Languages, and Montana Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year. Please read the eligibility information for each position carefully before submitting your nomination. Nominees will be notified and will need to accept their nomination before they are added to the ballot. Voting for our 2018 MALT Awards will take place after MEA/MFT on an electronic ballot received through email, after this form is closed and the nominees have accepted their nomination.

Please email your MALT Board through the CONTACT US tab on our website if you have any questions!

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2018 MALT Awards:
The following 3 nominations are for the 2018 MALT Awards. Please fill out the name of your nominee as well as a 1-paragraph rationale for nomination. Nominations that come in without a rationale will not be considered.
Nomination for 2018 MALT K-12 TEACHER OF THE YEAR: Nominees for this award must have been a member of MALT for a minimum of three consecutive years. Nominees may not have won this award before nor may they be members of the PNCFL board at the time of nomination. You may contact the PNCFL executive director at to verify a nominee’s eligibility. The successful candidate becomes Montana's nomination to PNCFL for the regional equivalent of this award and then may be considered by PNCFL as a potential candidate for the ACTFL National Teacher of the Year. Each candidate must be officially selected by his/her state organization: the expectation is that if selected as the PNCFL regional Teacher of the Year, the candidate will follow through with the ACTFL Teacher of the Year. For more information, go to and click on Teacher of the Year. Please write the name of your nominee and your 1 paragraph reason for nominating this person.
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Nomination for 2018 MALT OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TEACHING OF WORLD LANGUAGES: Nominees for this award may be either inside or outside the profession. Please explain how this individual has made an outstanding contribution to the teaching and learning of world languages in Montana over an extended period of time. The successful candidate then becomes Montana's nominee for PNCFL's regional equivalent of this award. Please write the name of your nominee and your 1 paragraph reason for nominating this person.
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