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107-2國務院研究室申請 2019 Spring Semester CIA Research Room Application
In order to streamline the procedure, the application is submitted online this semester. Please fill in this form before Feb 15.

一、分配優先辦法 Allocation Priority Policy

1. 教室271009與271010以博士生為優先使用(若有剩餘座位將釋出給研究生)。
2. 研究生碩二以上為優先。
3. 從未獲配者為優先。

1. Doctoral students have priority for seats in 271009 and 271010 (Spare seats will be released for master's students.)
2. Second year and above students have priority.
3. Students never have research rooms have priority.

二、申請分配程序 Application & Allocation Procedure

1. 2/15(五) 晚間11:59 以前線上填寫表單。表單將於2/15 11:59PM 關閉,請務必在期限前申請。
2. 2/18(一) 中午12:00 公布第一階段名單(按照分配優先辦法)於國務院網站。
3. 2/18(一) 中午12:00 至 2/20(三) 下午5:00 請名單上同學至11樓院辦公室抽籤/選位(將視申請人數決定是否抽籤,或直接選位)

4. 2/21 (四) 上午第二階段電腦抽籤(若有剩餘座位)

5. 2/21(四) 中午12:00 座位公告

6. 2/18(一) - 2/27(三) 9:00-12:00/14:00-17:00 繳費、領取鑰匙密碼與搬遷

7. 未於2/27(三)前內完成租借手續,位子將自動取消,並開始遞補。

1. 2/15(Fri) 11:59PM: Online application is due on 2/15 11:59PM. Please submit before the deadline.

2. 2/18(Mon) 12:00PM : Announcement for the list of first phase (according to priority policy) on OCIA website.

3. 2/18(Mon) 12:00PM - 2/20(Wed) 5:00PM : Applicants on the list of first phase please come to OCIA on 11F for seat selection/drawing. (To adopt either method depends on the number of applicants)
Doctoral students: drawing the seats in 271009 & 271010; second year and above master's students: drawing the seats in 271011 & 271012 (seats in 271009 & 271010 if spare)

4. 2/21 (Thu) : The second phase: selection by computer (if spare seats)
Absent applicants from the first phase will be put into the random selection by computer. No priority in this phase; equal probability for all.

5. 2/21(Thu) 12:00PM : Results of Allocation Announcement
the final seat allocation list and waiting list will be announced on OCIA website.

6. 2/18(Mon) - 2/27(Wed) 9:00AM-12:00PM/2:00PM-5:00PM : Payment, collecting key/code, and move-in
Please print Certificate of Enrollment ( and submit it with cleaning fee NT100 to OCIA for renting procedure, then you can start move-in. Deposit NT100 for drawer key if applicable.

7. If not completing renting procedure by 2/27, your seats will be released for applicants on the waiting list.

三、有條件式代抽規定Conditional Proxy
If you cannot attend the first drawing because of duties/internship/exchange or study abroad, please email to Ms. Wei with the proof (e.g. invitation/certificate of internship/e-ticket). Your proxy need to bring his/her student ID and the letter of attorney to attend the first drawing on behalf of you.

四、其他注意事項 Others
1. 請勿更換位子或出借他人使用,日後若有爭議請自負全責。
2. 本次租借期限仍是一學期,待院務會議通過新研究室分配辦法後,擬自108學年度開始實施租用一學年。
3. 院研究室空間有限,出國交換同學或不需要使用的同學,請勿申請,把位子留給需要的人。

1. Please do not exchange or rent out seats. If so, original applicants are fully responsible.
2. The renting period is still one semester in 2019 Spring semester. After the new regulation of research room allocation is reviewed by the College Committee, the renting period of one academic year would be put in effect officially.
3. Considering the limited number of seats in our college’s research rooms, for those who will go abroad for exchange study or will not use it, please do not apply for seats and be kind to save seats for people who need it.
Any questions, please send to the email below. Thanks.

魏助教Ms. Wei #51104

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