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Band/Music Survey
Please complete and submit the anonymous survey below so that we are better able to accommodate our band students attending Willard, Celeryville Christian and St. Francis Schools. Thank you for your help and support!
For your children who participate in band, please select the school/s they currently attend.
How many of your children currently participate in school music programs, including band, choir and/or orchestra?
For your child who is currently in a school band program, how long have they participated in band?
Which activities are your student(s) engaged in currently (select all that apply)?
Currently, parents pay approximately $325 to attend Marching Band at Bluffton University. Many districts have either discontinued their band camp or hold camp at their own school facilities. Would you be in favor of having camp at our school campus at little to no cost?
Currently, our music programs take class trips out-of-state (FL, NY, etc.) that cost approximately $800-$900. Would you like this practice to continue?
Do you have any suggestions for improving our Band Program?
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