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2021 Sunnyside CSA Subsidized Share Application
Welcome to the 2021 subsidized share application. Please completely fill out all the requested information below accurately. If you should have any questions regarding the application please contact Ethan Hova at Please allow at least one day for a response.
First and last name: *
Address: *
Phone number *
Email address *
Household income *
Please write down household income for the last two years (2019 & 2020)
Household Size *
How many people are currently living in your household? If you are expecting a new child to be born within the year please include them as well.
Please list all members of your household, include their age and relationship to you. *
You do not need to list their name. e.g. Mother/63 or Daughter/12
Do you own a home? *
Are you a student? *
Have you participated in the subsidy program in the past? *
Are you willing to split a share? *
If you chose a half share, would you rather pickup every week or every other week? *
What shares are you interested in getting this season?
Please click all that apply
How did you hear about the Sunnyside CSA subsidy program
Please provide any additional information that may help us better to understand your financial situation in the last two year.
e.g. Family member lost a job
The following are requirements for participating in the CSA. Please acknowledge all of them before submitting your application. *
Thank you for filling out the application. Please give us some time to respond back we receive many applications. We are hoping to send acceptance letters by the first week of May.
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