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Girls fr Science is an organizatoin that promotes woman in Stem. Our goal is to empower girls and women to enter the fields of science, tech, enginerring, and math. In 2017, founders Sweta and Divya Srinivasan started this organization through collaborating with another non-profit, North South Foundatoin. They held a 1 week workshop for students in india about public health and disease privention. In 2018, Divya and Sweta visited India again and hosted a workshop about famous women in STEM. Later in the year they conducted a 7 week after school program at a local elementary school about important scientific discoverys. The too of them got the chance to work with younger students to help empower the future! Currently, Girls for Science has a team of amazing young woman from all over the country and are continuing to have a impact at home and abroad.
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