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The Los Angeles County Arts Ed Collective is pleased to announce the formation of a Youth Advisory Council, which will offer young leaders a voice in shaping a new LA County Regional Plan for Arts Education. The Regional Plan will set forth strategies for advancing arts education across Los Angeles County, both in schools and in communities, with a focus on scale, equity and inclusion.

Nomination –OR– Recommendation
a. To be completed by a teacher, mentor or supervisor who can speak to the applicant’s skills, strengths, and why they are an excellent candidate for this opportunity

b. Representatives from community-based organizations, arts institutions, school districts and institutes of higher education are invited to nominate youth to serve on the Youth Advisory Council and to play a supporting role throughout the project period

c. Youth may nominate themselves, but must also include a Recommendation

d. Nominations and Recommendations must be submitted using the form provided as part of the application
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Goals & Opportunities for Youth Nominees
• Engage and amplify youth voice in updating the LA County Regional Plan for Arts Education
• Ensure robust youth participation at community meetings where stakeholders and advocates will contribute their ideas and expertise to the new Plan
• Allow young people to shape the role of youth in the ongoing leadership of the Arts Ed Collective
• Cultivate a network of young leaders interested in arts education policy and advocacy

• Participate in civic engagement
• Develop leadership skills through direct participation in a Countywide regional planning process
• Become a part of a Countywide peer network of creative young leaders interested in arts education
• Advocate to improve and expand access to arts education and creative careers
• Engage in learning opportunities related to arts education policy and advocacy
• Receive a $2,250 stipend for participation (based on an estimated 132 hours @ $17/ hr)
Name of Candidate
Candidate Email Address
Name and Contact Information of Person Nominating or Recommending Candidate
Name of Organization
Relationship to applicant
Are you available to serve as a mentor to the candidate during the project period?
Clear selection
Representative from your organization who may want to serve as a mentor.
Nomination/Recommendation Narrative
Selection Criteria
Ideal candidates will be passionate about the arts, committed to expanding access to the arts for other young people, and interested in community organizing, social justice, or policymaking.

The ideal application will convey the candidate’s skills, experience, interest and commitment in the following:
• Interest in and commitment to expanding youth access to the arts
• Experience playing a leadership role among peers or in the community
• Ability to contribute as part of a team and carry tasks through to completion
• Reliability; accountability
• Prior participation in the arts, either in school or in the community
• Interest in civic engagement, community organizing or policymaking

Youth Advisory Council members will be selected based on information provided in their written, audio or video application, as well as through this written nomination/ recommendation.
Please consider the Selection Criteria above and describe why you are nominating/ recommending this candidate for the LA County Arts Ed Collective Youth Advisory Council. (Not to exceed 1,000 words.)
For questions, please email Meia Johnson at
Thank you for nominating! You will receive a confirmation email shortly.
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