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Faithful Muslim Camp - Registration Form
Location & Dates
Venue: Waihi Camp
Address: 6 Waitete Road, Waihi, New Zealand
Departure: 1.30pm Friday 5th of April 2019 from Masjid AlManar (72 Carr Rd)
Leave camp: 12.00pm Sunday 7th of April 2019
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By signing I approve of this application.
I agree to comply with camp rules, including the prohibition of smoking.
I partake in camp activities at my own risk.
I will respect and respond to the camp crew.
I understand that while at camp, photographs, videos and quotes may be collected. I hereby give my consent for them to be used in the promotion or advertising of Almanar trust as they see fit.
Music or non Islamic acts are not accepted during camp period
Clothing must be below knees
I am above 18 or my Care taker has signed this on my behalf.
Please mention any medical condition or allergy you suffer from?
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Reference should be your First name and Second name.

If you have paid through the website (Flo2Cash), write the 'Transaction no' that was sent to you after the payment

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Future Volunteering
Would you like to join Al-Manar Family of Organizers to create/facilitate future activities? (Optional)
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