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2019 Application & Declaration of Intent to Participate - Men's Club 7s Open Tournaments
This form is intended to register the intent to participate in either the 2019 USA Rugby Western Open or 2019 USA Rugby Eastern Open 'open qualifier' tournaments that directly qualify event champions to the 2019 USA Rugby Club 7s National Championship. For more information on the men's open tournament concept, please visit:

Each open tournament will be held the weekend of June 29 - June 30, 2019. The tournaments will be held over two days, and all teams should plan to leave late Sunday afternoon or early evening (tournaments must seek to conclude by 2PM, to account for delay due to injury, weather delay, etc.). USA Rugby will notify teams of their acceptance to an event no later than June 4, 2019 (or after, if a team registers its intent to participate on or after June 4, 2019), and teams must register with the event no later than June 1, 2019 to keep their spot. Teams may register for the open tournaments after June 1, 2019, with approval from USA Rugby and the event organizer(s).
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I affirm that my Team intends to play in its competitive region's qualifying tournaments *
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The Eastern Open may be a one day tournament due to the number of teams registered at this time
My Team participated in competitive region qualifying tournaments in the following Club 7s seasons: *
Participation in a competitive region qualifying tournament means you played in the qualifier division of regional tournaments (e.g. the Mid-Atlantic 7s qualifying series).
My Team understands that, in order to be eligible to participate at an Open tournament, it must meet our region's minimum attendance qualifications for its qualifying tournament series in 2019 *
Teams that participate at an Open tournament must also be seriously participating in their regional qualifying series. If you do not participate in your regional qualifying series, you may be disqualified from the Open tournament or have your result abandoned.
My Team understands its application must be accepted and approved by USA Rugby in order to be a qualified participant in an Open tournament *
Payment of entry fee does not guarantee eligibility; all teams must be approved by USA Rugby in order to be eligible to participate
My Team understands that, if accepted to an Open tournament, it will be responsible for an entry fee *
My Team understands that the Open tournaments will be operated by local hosts in conjunction with USA Rugby, but that USA Rugby is not the event host. *
My Team understands that it will be required to follow all USA Rugby check-in protocols for the Open tournament, the same as it would for the National Championship *
My Team has read the Men's Open Tournament page at *
I understand Club 7s Handbook Section 9.5 regarding the impact of Open Qualifier results on seeding at the National Championship *
I understand that my Team's seeding for the National Championship will be determined by its performance in its competitive region play, and that winning an Open tournament only guarantees a berth into the National Championship event - not an associated ranking *
My Team understands that it may participate in either the Western Open or the Eastern Open tournament, and that participation is not dependent upon geographic location *
My Team has the following questions/comments/concerns: *
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