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Tri Camp Level 1
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Is this your first Triathlon or are you a Triathlete?
Do you have any performance goals?(i.e. improve run time, become more efficient in the open water, increase bike power)
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Do you have any health goals? Please provide any goals related to weight loss or improving your current medical condition)
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Medical History for Training Purposes. Please describe any past injuries. Please also describe any current existing conditions, injuries, etc., that could impair your physical ability?
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How Many Hours per week can you devote to training
What Days and Times of the Week will be best for you to train
Strengths & Weaknesses
To qualify for Free Triathlon Training, Athletes must purchase use the sports-certified performance products and nutrition that is apart of the test.

Purpose of the Beta Test: To determine if it is possible to lose weight and train for triathlons at the same time. Due to the calories needed for training, some people find it hard to accomplish their weight loss goals and performance goals at the same time.

Please watch the video below, if you are interested in applying for Beta Test; answer the remainder of questions

Performance Line
Is Weight loss one of your goals
How Much Weight would you like to Release
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Are you currently using performance products
What is the name of products you are using (or have used)
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Did you find a major difference in your training?
Are you currently doing anything to lose weight? Using any programs, Eating a certain diet?
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Have you done any 'programs' to lose weight in past (ex Jenny craig, Weight Watchers etc)
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Tell me a bit about your current Nutrition and diet on a regular basis
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How much Per day would you say you spend on Food? (ALL meals and snacks)
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