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AVCon 2017 Media/Press Pass Application
If you represent a media organisation and would like to cover AVCon, you can apply for a media pass. The media pass, among other things, grants free entry to the entire AVCon weekend, with special permissions to interview and record. To apply, you must show proof of your relevant quali cations and proof of your association with the media organisation you represent.

Complete this application if you wish to obtain a media pass for AVCon 2017, applications close Friday 9th of June 2017.

Please allow one month for applications to be processed. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by 30th of June 2017 (one month before the festival).

Media/Press Pass Conditions

1. Applicants must supply the following with their application before issuance of a media pass is considered
a. examples of prior work via url, pdf or video/ image file,
b. proof of association with said representing organisation,
c. list of equipment that will be used,
d. proof of relevant qualifications

2. All applicants must be available to attend a press briefing on the Friday night of the convention unless other arrangements with Team AVCon are made.

3. Media passes are not transferrable. Any media passes transferred to unauthorised persons will be removed.

4. Passes shall apply for the entirety of the public AVCon convention.

5. Media passes and credentials shall be plainly exposed to view whenever the persons to whom they are issued are using them.

6. Team AVCon Incorporated will not be responsible for any loss or damage to equipment.

7. The applicant accepts all risks associated with the use of the media pass.

8. The applicant will obey instructions from Team AVCon Incorporated staff, as well as the Adelaide Convention Centre staff and security.

9. The applicant agrees to promote/reference AVCon in any and all published works where the media obtained at this event is used and send a copy/link to

10. Team AVCon Incorporated reserves the right to use any works produced from the event in its promotions and/or publicity with full credit of works given to their owner and without charge unless otherwise formally agreed upon. Ownership of works is otherwise retained by the media pass holder.

11. Team AVCon Incorporated shall make reasonable accommodations to allow media pass holders effectively to use photographic, video, or other equipment relating to their reporting of the event.

12. Possession of a media pass does not allow the holder to enter a private area without the express consent of a Team AVCon Incorporated staff member.

13. Team AVCon Incorporated reserves the right to refuse applications on any basis.

14. Media passes may be removed at any point by Team AVCon Incorporated on any basis.

Applications will be reviewed and acceptance/denial notifications will be sent out before the 2nd of June. AVCon reserves the right to revoke Media/Press passes at any time if we believe the pass holder to be misusing the pass; examples of misuse are as follows:
• Misrepresenting a media company.
• Harassing Guests, Attendees or any AVCon personnel.
• Recording of Guest panels.

If you have any questions about this application or anything related to these passes, please send them to

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A reminder that applications close on the 9th of June. Please allow one month for applications to be processed. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by 30th of June 2017 (one month before the festival). If you have not heard anything by this date, please contact
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