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ISP- Military kids
What branch of the military is your parent (s) in?
Are they active duty?
How long have they been in the military?
Has your parent been deployed? How many times? How old were you at the time? (List as many times as has happened)
For how long were they deployed?
Are you in any advanced placement or honors classes?
Would you say you are affected academically because of your parents job? Why or why not?
Rate this on a scale from 1-10
Not at all
A lot
Would you say you are affected socially by your parents job (Do you feel left out, like you don’t have as many friends, that you can’t make as strong connections with people)? Explain
Rate on a scale from 1-10
Not at all
A lot
Does your parents job ever stress you or cause you anxiety?
How many times have you moved because of your parents jobs?
How old are you?
What grade are you in?
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