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MJK-2021 (April 18, 2021, Sunday)
Please use this form to submit Shala and group participation performance entries for MJK-2021.

Kavitaben Parekh is the POC for MJK-2021 ( or email for any questions and/or further information.

Guidelines -
01. All themes should adhere to Jain values and principles
02. This is a virtual event - video recordings of the performances will be required
03. Deadline to submit registration form - Feb. 15, 2021 by 11:59 PM PST
04. Deadline to submit video recordings - Mar. 31, 2021 by 11:59 PM PST
05. Maximum of 25 entries on a first come, first serve basis will be accepted
06. Maximum of 3 adult performances from JCNC Senior Mixer and other adults from JCNC community
07. Minimum number of participants per group is 4
08. One participant can participate in maximum of 2 performances
09. Performance using songs should be Jain religious or folk/non-movie songs.
10. Performance type Time limits (max) - Song/Music/Dance up to 5 mins. Skit/Musical up to 10 mins.
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Group Lead(s) / Choreographer(s) Name *
Enter Shala Class/Grade or Group Type *
Shala group (same Shala grade group or different Shala grade students in the group); Adult; Senior
Performance Language *
Language used in the performance
Group Lead(s) / Choreographer(s) Contact Number *
Group Lead(s) / Choreographer(s) Contact Email *
Enter Number of Participants *
Enter the total number of participants in the group
Participant(s) Name or enter TBD *
Enter participant Name. You will need to send the participant name and email later if entering 'TBD' during submission
Participant(s) Contact Email or enter TBD *
Enter participant Email id. You will need to send the participant name and email later if entering 'TBD' during submission
Performance Type *
Select the performance type. Time limit of 5 mins for Songs/Music/Dance. Time limit of 10 mins for Skit/Musical.
Performance Description *
Provide a short summary of your performance. eg. If you select song for performance type and want to sing a stuti, mention something like "A stuti for Mahavir Bhagwan"
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