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2018 Three Part Harmony Farm CSA
Thanks so much for your interest in joining the Three Part Harmony Farm (3PH) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

We've closed sign ups for the main season.

This week, we will begin signing up our current members to their preferred summer pick up dates and locations.

Some time in August we will open up sign ups for any fall CSA shares that are still available after the 2018 members have signed up.

In the meantime, please follow the farm on instagram and have a great summer!

A CSA membership is a great way to eat locally, seasonally and therefore sustainably. Customers commit to the program for part or all of the growing season, which for the mid-atlantic region covers spring, summer and fall. The commitment of all of the members together is like underwriting the farm, so we know that everything we plant for the season has a home to go to. Among other benefits, it means we cut down on waste because we're growing specifically for you, our members.

The 3PH CSA members report that they love getting to try new vegetables, and appreciate incorporating more produce into their weekly diet. Part of the fun (and challenge) is in finding new recipes which we share with each other.

Unlike other CSAs, ours is a multi-farm share which means that in addition to vegetables, herbs, flowers and seedlings grown in DC by 3PH, you will also receive fruit, eggs, micro-greens, honey, cheese, herbal products and vegetables from our partners. While we do want to encourage you to try new things, all of the pick up sites offer some flexibility so you can choose the items in your bag (market style) or trade an item if you don't like it or don't eat it (porch pick up.)

Before signing up, you may have questions! Please email or call us:

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