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Report of Inappropriate Staff/Student Behavior
South Harrison: Safe * Supportive * Successful

Please use this form to report inappropriate behaviors of staff members or students, whether the actions are discriminatory, harassing, fraudulent or of another form. Each report will be investigated by the appropriate compliance officer and we kindly ask that you provide as much information as possible to facilitate the investigation.

The compliance officers, including Title IX, have currently been identified to be:
Mr. Robert Briscoe, Principal
New Middletown Elementary School
2460 New Middletown Road SE
Corydon, IN 47112
(812) 738-2168, extension 8421 or (812) 968-3225

Mrs. Carolyn Wallace, Director of Business Operations
South Harrison Community School Corporation
315 South Harrison Drive
Corydon, IN 47112
(812) 738-2168, extension 1032 or (812) 738-7802.

Or, you may reach either of these persons by calling 812-738-2168, press 0 and ask to be connected with one of the compliance officers.  
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Please provide the name(s) of the persons who was/were harmed by the inappropriate behavior. If you have contact information for this person, please include it to facilitate the investigation process.
WHO...Please provide the name(s) of the staff member whose actions were considered to be inappropriate.
WHAT...Please describe the behavior that was inappropriate.
WHEN...Please provide dates or time frame when the behavior occurred.
WHERE...Please provide the location at which the behavior occurred.
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