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Digital Learning Mentor
Parent Rescue sees the need of the Gwinnett County School Parents to fill dual roles: dedicated employee and newly-appointed home teacher. As part of the public school system, you are required to have your kids involved in digital learning this year. Yet, some parents still need to travel to work or work from home and do not foresee managing both work and their kids' schooling well. That's where Parent Rescue and YOU come in. Ideally, we are looking for a candidate that is available full-time, Monday through Friday, has at least an Associate's Degree, cleanly passes a Background Check, and can facilitate 6 kids logging in to their digital learning lessons.

You will earn $85/day. Any Special Skills (such as IEP, special needs, aftercare, or baby/toddler/preschool needs) could earn you extra, if it is requested by a parent.

Some parents are requesting a Digital Learning Mentor with a Teacher's Certification. If you have this, you will instead earn $170/day and will have extra teaching requirements and reporting for the role.

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Special Request: If requested, would you be able to balance taking care of a baby and/or toddler along with facilitating digital learning? (This would save the parent having to deal with daycare and would count as if you have another digital learning child) *
Special Request: Some parents are requesting IEP, special needs, and/or help with their child's learning disabilities. Do you have special training for this? (If so, we will match you up with parents that have requested this service) *
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