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RSO Funding Request Form
For the Individual Funding Request Form Please Follow This Link:


Prior to submitting this form, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the RSO Funding Request Procedures. That can be found here:

Funding Requests must be received by 6 pm on the Thursday prior to the next scheduled funding board hearing.

A representative must be at the scheduled budget hearing for request to be heard by the committee and may be asked to attend the following SGA Senate meeting.

The remainder Spring 2019 Budget Hearings will be held on:

March 25th
April 8th
April 22nd

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SGA VP of Finance, Yilnette Morales, via email at

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By choosing "I agree" this serves as an electronic signature that you accept that: As the official representative or activity account manager for the above group or as an individual, I hereby affirm that the information submitted in this request is accurate and truthful to my knowledge and that the monies requested will be spent according to the financial procedures of Georgia Southern University if approved by the Armstrong & Liberty Campus Student Government Association Senate. Furthermore, I abide by all rules and guidelines of the RSO Policy and any applicable University policy or regulations for the use of the money allocated by the Student Government Association. I will ensure that the funds approved for my request will not exceed the allocated amount, understanding that the penalty for overspending will result in RSO’s or individual's ineligibility to receive funds until the exceeded amount is paid back to the Student Government Association. *
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