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Bigfoots SAR - Guinea Pig Adoption Application
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Are you currently renting a home, apartment or room? *
Do you have permission from the owner of the house (e.g. parents or landlord) to keep guinea pigs? *
Do you have previous experience with guinea pigs? *
Do you have your own guinea pigs at the moment? *
If you currently own guinea pigs, please tell us about them. How many males, or females?  What is their diet and lifestyle like? *
Do you plan on housing your adopted guinea pig(s) with your current ones? *
Do you have pets other than guinea pigs at the moment? If so, tell us about them. *
Who else is in the household? How old are they? *
Does anyone in your household have allergies to hay or pets? If so, please briefly explain *
What cage do you have ready for the guinea pigs? Please include dimensions. If you do not have a cage ready, please message us so we can help you find one. *
Do you need Bigfoots Guinea Pig Rescue to supply bowls, water bottles, or hideys for the guinea pigs? If so, please describe what we need to supply. *
Are you aware that guinea pigs daily requirements require UNLIMITED timothy/orchard hay, 1 cup of fresh veggies, and plain timothy pellets?       *
Who is your vet? If your vet is not exotic, will you be willing to find one that is? We can help with this if needed *
Meeting the Piggies!
We are a home based rescue in downtown Arlington and go by appointment only
What days and times are you usually available to meet or come to the rescue? *
Are you able to come to the rescue? If not, please explain your transportation situation so we can figure out something for you *
When will you be ready to adopt? *
The Guinea Pigs!
Are you able to adopt guinea pigs that may require medication or other special needs? We will give you proper instructions, if so. *
Do you wish to breed guinea pig(s)? *
Do you wish to show your guinea pig(s)? *
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