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Creative Music Workshop: July 6th-14th 2019 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Creative Music Workshop (CMW) is a 8-day intensive program where the ensemble is the classroom and improvisation is more than a style, it’s a path for learning. CMW offers two streams; The full day Core Program and The Creative Process Program which runs for the mornings only.

The Creative Music Workshop (CMW) 'Creative Process' is where creative minds of all disciplines, including music, dance and visual arts, learn to deepen their creative practice. Attendees learn the fundamental principles of the CMW Creative Process through a range of collective and individual exercises such as improvisation, movement, listening and communication. Students work with each other and the CMW faculty to explore risk taking, fear and self consciousness in relation to their creative process. The program passes on knowledge not only about what it means to be a musician, dancer, etc., but what it means to be a creative person.

The CMW Core Program offers artists of all disciplines and skill levels, aged 15* or older, the knowledge and experience required to take their artistic practice to the next level. In addition to learning the fundamentals of the CMW Creative Process, students play with each other for up to eight hours a day and receive intensive instruction from a renowned faculty as well as performance opportunities at the TD Halifax Jazz Festival.

Bonus: All Core Program students receive an All Events Pass to the 2019 TD Halifax Jazz Festival and will perform during the CMW final concert on Sunday July 14th.

Jerry Granelli (head instructor/ drums - Halifax)

J. Anthony Granelli (electric bass - New York City)

Michael Blake (saxophone- New York City)

Christian Kogel (guitar - Berlin)

Susanne Chui (Dance/Movement - Halifax)

Peggy Lee (Cellist- Vancouver)

Doug Cameron (Percussion- Halifax)

*If you are under 15, you need special permission to take part in the CMW. Email the Halifax Jazz Festival at set up an appointment.

Halifax Jazz Festival's Creative Music Workshop is supported by the Craig Foundation, and Michael and Julie Chender.

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CMW Faculty (Susanne Chui, J. Anthony Granelli & Jerry Granelli)
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