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TVGS Free membership pass - application
Tech Valley Game Space is expanding membership size and diversity. This funds reimbursement program is designed to support unemployed members of the regional gaming community, by helping people try TVGS membership, free. We want you to make progress on your game projects, build co-working and playing relationships, and stay involved with TVGS.

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Your free, three-month-long membership will automatically switch to a full membership subscription ($50 monthly.) The free pass program will reimburse your first three paid months, monthly, via PayPal. Members can cancel their membership at any time.

The pass has a "use it or lose it" rule: it becomes invalid if *unused* during any of the three months following approval.

Applicant is responsible for informing TVGS if employment regained within three month pass period.

Legal notice
A grant covering these funds is generously provided by the state of New York. By applying for a piece of this grant, you are asserting your statements are true. Lying on this form is punishable by state laws.

Enjoy! ;)

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