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Exercise for Mood and Anxiety Pre-survey
This is a pre-survey for people participating in a test of Exercise for Mood and Anxiety. I would like to publish by 8/1, and ideally you will have been trying for at least 6 weeks (if you try and quit because the book didn't work, that still counts).

Don't worry too much about precision, the point is to compare your before and after results, not assess how much my study population hates exercise.

How can I identify you (suggest email if you're comfortable with that, otherwise an identifier you'll remember)?
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Why are you interested in this book?
How much do you like exercise and how easy to you find it to do?
Kill it with fire.
I find it fun and easy to start.
Suppose you could commute by driving in heavy traffic or bike. On a nice day, what is X, where you would be indifferent between 15 minutes of biking and X minutes in traffic? (0 = "I bike for fun"). If you can't bike, pretend you have a water commute and can row across.
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In the last 7 days, how many minutes did you spend in either anaerobic exercise or moderate or more aerobic exercise? For these purposes, low intensity aerobics or non-exercise physical exertion don't count.
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Whether or not you have depression, would you mind filling out the Quick Inventory of Depression Symptoms and reporting your score here? ( (Time estimate 5M) (obnoxious scoring algorithm)
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If you don't feel like doing the scientific version, how depressed are you on a scale of 1-10
Actively happy all the time.
Can't get out of bed, ruining my life
Whether or not you have anxiety, would you mind filling out Burns Anxiety Inventory and reporting your score here? ( (Time estimate 10-20m)
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If you don't feel like doing the scientific version, how anxious are you on a scale of 1-10?
I have proportionate reactions to all things
Constantly terrified
I can buy a limited number of copies of this book to share. If you're able to buy the book yourself see link at bottom of this question. If you're not able or if me buying the book is the difference between participating and not, please enter your email address here so we can coordinate. If I buy you the book, please commit to reading it through and giving a good faith effort to start exercising. Please do NOT commit to exercising regularly, the point is to see if this book can create that change. Link:
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Anything else you'd like to share?
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