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Lower SJ/Delta South RFMP: Potential Projects
This input form is being provided to capture some basic information about project ideas, even if they are not fully developed projects. A project can be a structural project such as levee raising/strengthening, or they can be non-structural such as improving emergency response and streamlining the permitting process. Development of plans or additional studies can also be suggested projects. Questions marked with an asterisk must be answered. If you don't have an answer to any non-required question, pleaseleave it blank.
Project Name
Please provide a name for your project
Project Partners - Lead Agency *
What agency will champion this project?
Project Partners - Partner Agencies
What other entities will substantially contribute to help make this project happen?
Location: Lattitude
Please provide the UTM coordinates (decimal degrees) of the project location: Latitude (Note: you can use Google Earth to obtain.)
Location: Longitude
Please provide the UTM coordinates (decimal degrees) of the project location: Longitude (Note: you can use Google Earth to obtain.)
Project Description
Please provide a brieft description of the project
Unique Aspects
Project Status *
Project Cost
Please provide an estimate of the total cost for the project, if available.
Project Time-Frame
Please estimate the timeframe for implementation of the project.
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Cost Sharing
Please identify any potential for project cost sharing.
Multi-Benefit Project
Is this a Multi Benefit Project?
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Types of Projected Benefits
Please mark all the anticipated types of project benefits.
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Source of Project
Please identify the source of the project concept, such as IRWMP, agency name, individual name, etc.
Background Documents
Please identify background documents that describe or support the project. Include URLs if available.
Please provide any additional information that you believe is important.
Your Name *
Please provide your name and email address or name and telephone number in case we need to follow up.
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