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Next Read Brave Book Suggestions
Please nominate a book!

What makes a BOOK Read Brave-worthy?
It should:
* Be a ‘really good’ book, a page-turner that will be compelling and promotes the joy of reading
* Foster community discussion, and help folks understand teen culture
* Be a book that youth can recognize themselves or their peers in the book.
* Represent our community: Racially, socioeconomically, gender, diff-abled, LGBTQ+ communities are recognized/appreciated...
* Currently in print. Paperback (by October) is preferred.
* Perhaps have heavy issues, but should also contain humor and hope.

What makes an AUTHOR Read Brave-worthy? (nearly 50% as important as finding the right book)
* Author must be able and willing to travel to St Paul for Read Brave events (at an affordable rate)
* Author should be able to speak well to our audiences (YOUtube-ing them is suggested.)

Read Brave Books are not:
* Classics, or a book with sustained popularity. Not widely taught.
* No "issue" books, or books trying to push a moral.

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