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Hope + Vine Mentor Application
Hope + Vine is a mentoring and employment program that prepares young women who have aged out of foster care successfully transition into a secure and stable future.
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Things to know about the program...
*This program is currently in Wake Forest, NC. We are only accepting applications for this location at this time.

*The program is faith based, with our foundation being Biblical scripture. It is, however, open to all young ladies regardless of belief. In this program, young women will be shown love and grace, being encouraged to pursue a path that will lead to a secure and stable environment.

*The program is for up to 2 years. If the young lady finds herself no longer in need of the program, or no longer wishes to continue, she is free to to leave. It is recommended to remain for a minimum of 3 months.

*The employment provides training to work as an artisan creating inspirational items that will encourage other women. This involves up to 10 hours per week.
Things to know about being a mentor...
STEP ONE: Application

*Requirement - Mentor positions are for women who profess Christ as their Savior, and are willing to meet these young ladies where they are emotional, mentally, and spiritually.

*Process - The application process includes an interview with the Program Director. A background check will be performed. References will be contacted.

*Commitment - This is a volunteer position. Level of involvement and commitment is established before mentoring begins. Level is determined on an individual basis.

STEP TWO: Training

*Training - Training is required. Mentor training will be led by the Mentor Director. This must be completed by all who are mentoring.

Additional training and support is provided quarterly and required. If unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances, then other arrangements may be made (ie. attend via phone, video, or recording). If multiple meetings are missed, mentor may be excused from position.

STEP THREE: Mentoring

*Confidentiality - Mentors are required to uphold confidentiality, and must sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

*Childcare - Mentor must supply their own childcare. Children may be welcome during certain events, based on the discretion of the Program Director.

*Setting - Mentors invest in participants’ lives through a group setting while working in workshop. Up to four participants may be present.

*Matching and Compatibility - One-on-one mentoring is available if mentor and participant agree to pursue that relationship.

*Discussion - Topics of discussion will be prompted by material selected by program director.

*Expectations - Focus on getting to know the Participants. Ask questions; give advice only when asked for. Know that she may have very little to no understanding of Christianity, or has a distorted view of what it is. The focus on faith is to include the “essentials,” and are to stay away from the “non-essential” topics that can cause divisiveness. See page on essential vs. non-essential.

STEP FOUR: On going support

*Support - Mentors need ongoing mental and emotional support. Monthly they are to check in with the Program Director. This serves as a safe place to express concerns regarding themselves or the participants. One-on-one counsel is also available from the Mentor Director.

If you are interested in joining the program as a mentor, please fill out the application below:
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