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2019 East Student Learning Profile Form
March 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

As we look forward to the next school year, soon we will begin the process of developing student class lists for the 2019/2020 school year. When developing class lists we take many factors into consideration including: student learning styles, classroom environment, behavioral considerations, ability levels and stages of developmental readiness, social relationships, gender distribution and participation in special programs. Much thought and care goes into this seemingly simple task. With so many factors involved and only two sections at each grade level, we do have some limitations for those of you who might desire a placement based more upon the personality of a particular teacher.
Fortunately for everyone, we have (and will continue to have) a very dedicated, talented and caring staff here at East. Our goal is to make each year meaningful for every student and to provide them with learning opportunities that truly support their academic growth.

That being said, if you feel your child has a specific need or learning style that we should consider in their classroom placement for next year, we are following the same process to solicit parental input. Included here is our online questionnaire, called a School Learning Profile. This profile gives you an opportunity (if you so choose) to share specific information about the kind of learning environment in which your child thrives. Completing the Learning Profile is not an opportunity to ‘choose’ a specific teacher but it is your opportunity to share information about how best your child learns.

PLEASE KNOW THAT COMPLETING THIS FORM IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL on your part and not a requirement for us to create balanced classrooms and effective learning placements for your child.

We ask that ALL RESPONSES ARE SENT BACK TO US BY FRIDAY, MARCH 22. Classroom assignments for next school year will be made and posted at school on: August 2019 (Date to be announced)

Kelly Card

Student Name
Grade Level for 2019-2020
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