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AIESEC Life Hub Team & Leadership Info & Form
We are looking to fill the following Hub vacancies:


Tell us if you want to be a hub chair or just serve on the team. Ideal hub chairs typically have been out of school 5+ years, enjoy organizing events, and have a strong desire to give back to AIESEC.

Please review the job description and then answer the short survey below.

• Organize and lead 3 to 5 events per year that drive AIESEC Life membership, foster traineeship referrals, and align with national campaign messages (coaching on how to plan these events will be provided).

• Build a team. A typical Hub team includes the following team members:
- Communications: responsible for managing email communication, guiding any personal outreach the team may
undertake, post events on AIESEC Life website
- Logistics/Event Planning: responsible for securing the venues and event details
- LC Liaison: coordinate with the LC(s) in the area, to be sure certain event dates work for the students and that they
are available to speak when needed. Be sure trainees are invited to events.
- Social Media: post events on FB/IG/Twitter/LinkedIn, take photos at events, post event updates on the website

• Work to have a growing, diverse, multi­generational alumni base
• Work to have a minimum of 10-15 active members in your hub
• Assist in coordinating alumni presence when a student conference is held in your immediate area
• Share the responsibility of managing the hub with your team in an effort to increase hub leadership/ownership and to
ensure a successor is ready when your term of service is completed
• Ensure that all communication coming from the hub is professional and timely
• Provide event recaps with photos
• Attend 4 quarterly hub chair conference calls with the AIESEC Life exec director and other hub chairs

Once we have reviewed your form, we will reach out to discuss the role and see if it is a good fit for you and the hub team. Please do reach out to us with questions at any time. There are many ways to support AIESEC Life Hubs and we look forward to working with you!

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