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Application form for an exhibition
This option gives opportunity to conduct an exhibition (up to 5 paintings are accepted, any format is accepted). The exhibition will be held for three days (October 1-3, 2019). Moreover, you can attend not only general events, but also closed ones.
Information about your participation will be published in the exhibition catalog on the pages of OCA magazine after the submission of your application form no later than September 15, 2019. In addition, you will receive a certificate of participation in the festival.
Note: Pictures must be delivered on September 30 to the exhibition hall or before September 30 to the address of the Guild. Delivery of paintings is carried out by the artist.
Cost *:
350 British pounds for participants from the countries of the former USSR **
450 British pounds for international participants
In 2019, a 45% percent discount is provided. The price of participation with 45% discount is £ 192.
Artists and photographers are allowed to present no more than FIVE works.
* Extra charge for each additional picture (more than 5 works) is £ 15.
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Do you need an invitation to get a visa? *Organizers can provide an official invitation for a visa, the administrative fee for providing an invitation is £ 30 per person. Members of the Eurasian Creative Guild are free of charge. *
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Please indicate the desired spelling of your name and surname in the certificate? *After issuing the original certificate, re-issuance or additional copies are possible after making an administrative fee of £ 30 for each copy. *
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