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FGBG - Tree and Wildflower Walk - Sunday 17th June. 14.00 - 15.30
The Green is home to over a hundred mature trees. They are a mixture of native species (hornbeam, English oak, field maple, alder, wild service, etc.) and exotics (tree of heaven, dawn redwood, Norway maple, silver maple, red oak, etc.). The Walk will describe each kind of tree, its geographical origin and (if native) its distribution and ecology. We will also note some of the wide range of wild flowers growing on the Green.

This walk will be guided by David Bevan. David was Haringey's Conservation Officer from 1989 to 2005. He is a past President of the London Natural History Society and has written widely on conservation matters. He has recently written three local floras, on Queen's Wood, Big Wood, and The Parkland Walk. He is currently helping to co-ordinate a new "Flora of London".

The walk is limited to 30 people, so please book to avoid disappointment. Please meet outside the Ranelagh Pub. FGBG will be there from 13.30 pm.

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