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Artists sustainability survey
Artsadmin and Bow Arts Accelerator survey

This survey is part of a research programme called Accelerator, led by Julie’s Bicycle, on advanced sustainability in the arts and cultural sector. The collaboration between Artsadmin and Bow Arts will focus on sustainable arts practices and the circular economy. The survey aims to map existing art practices and group them around sites of potential exchange; materials, knowledge and skills, time, money, which feed into environmental and socio-economic sustainable goals.

If you have an interest in sustainability and would like to be involved in a series of workshops, based on alternative art economies and circularity, then please tell us why in a couple of sentences (question 9).

Even if you don't necessarily wish to be part of the workshop it would be really useful to have your response.

We would be particularly interested to hear from:
Those who are currently addressing some of these themes in their own practices:
Artists from a diverse range of backgrounds (BAME, disabled, working class, queer)

You should be interested in attending one or more in a series of workshops throughout 2019 and contributing to some research for Julie’s Bicycle Accelerator programme. Participation is open for the sessions but we are interested in having some people who are interested in coming to multiple sessions throughout the year. The initial sessions will be centred around- 1) alternative economic models and the circular economy 2) sustainable material use. The subsequent sessions will be decided by the group but are likely to explore themes of collaboration, commons, time, money. The project will focus on collective action and collaboration and work like a peer exchange group facilitated by the 2 lead organisations.

Thank you for taking the time to respond this survey.

1. How would you define your art practice? *
2. Which materials are often used in your art-making? *
3. . How is sustainability considered in sourcing and disposing of materials? I consider... *
4. How do you share materials with others? *
Knowledge and skills
5. How do you share knowledge and skills with others? *
6. In what ways do you consider yourself part of a community of artists? (optional)
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Time and money
7. How does the availability of your own time affect your artistic practice? (you can consider social and environmental factors, for example, I don’t have much time to make artwork so I don’t make as much as I would like)
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8. How does the availability of money affect your artistic practice? (again, considering social and environmental factors, for example, I make decisions based on cost of desired materials)
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9. If you have an interest in sustainability and would like to be involved in a series of workshops, based on alternative art economies and circularity, then please tell us why in a couple of sentences.
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Name and email
If you wish to be contacted about the Accelerator workshop series then please leave your name and email address. Data will be anonymised and used for research purposes only.
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Bow Arts and Artsadmin deliver Accelerator in partnership and they are committed to best practice in the handling of personal and sensitive data, and careful compliance with requirements of GDPR.

You can read Bow Arts' and Artsadmin‘s policies on their websites. The personal data you submit will be shared by Bow Arts and Artsadmin for the purposes of delivering the Accelerator programme, and will only be used for the Accelerator programme.

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