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Questionnaire: Disability and Social Isolation
Evaluating the impact of community based athletic and recreation programs on social isolation in people with physical disability

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Do you feel that participation in athletic and/or recreation programs reduces social isolation for people with physical disabilities? *
Do you feel that your program works to reduce social isolation felt by individuals with a physical disability (i.e. your members/participants)? *
What factors outlined below are important in your program that work to reduce social isolation for individuals with physical disabilities (i.e. your members/participants)? *
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Extremely important
Staying physically active and engaged with people and the community
Providing a safe space surrounded by peers with similar experiences (i.e. physical disability)
Opportunity to form relationships/friendships with people of similar experiences (i.e. physically disabled)
Opportunity to form relationships/friendships with abled-bodied individuals
Providing a new identity, i.e. an athlete, which opens up new opportunites for people with disabilities
New skills development which translate to personal growth and resiliency against life challenges
Removable of social barriers for people with disabilties through public awareness
Destigmatization of disability through the lens of athletics and recreation
(optional) Please feel free to add any other important factor(s) that operate to reduce social isolation in people with disabilities
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