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Java Cloud 2019
Welcome to our 5th annual Java Cloud Conference held in Johannesburg 24th - 26th July 2019. Workshops will be 24th July, Conference 25th & 26th July. Our aim is to share latest trends, technologies and best practices with our African JUG Community. Submit and share your experience, whether it's challenges you've faced, a framework you've created, or anything you feel you'd like to share that could help others with their journey.

This year we having 3 tracks:

Java - Whats new in 2019! New features, JVM's,Cloud etc...
Mobile - Would be IOS and Android.

Kotlin: Topics we'd love to hear about include how you're using Kotlin for:

Server Side Development
Web Development
Desktop Development
Mobile Development (Android and iOS)
IoT Development
Scripting Language
Data Science
Ops (Build, CI, Monitoring, etc..)
Frameworks and Libraries in Kotlin
Functional/Reactive Programming
Concurrent Programming
Kotlin in the Enterprise
Case Studies

Speakers Package: We will provide accommodation, speakers dinners, free entry, eager attendees and a fun yet professional atmosphere. Contribution towards travel depending on distance. Our program committee will have the final decision and all speakers will be notified before 25th March.

Thank you for your submission and Good Luck. CLOSE DATE: 28th February 2019

Java Cloud 2019
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