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Alternative Calendar Survey (Survey open until 12/10/18)
The Randolph County School System would like to explore the possibility of developing a calendar that would allow our high school students to take their first semester exams prior to the winter break in December. The goal would be to still absorb up to 5 student days missed for inclement weather and end the school year for students earlier. This alternative calendar would also allow for the potential for remediation for students and/or staff development for staff members at the end of the school year. If approved, this alternative calendar would be effective for the 2020-2021 school year.
1. Would you be interested in the Randolph County School System pursuing an alternative calendar that would allow high school exams for first semester be taken prior to the winter break in December? *
2. If so, would you support additional time be added to the instructional day? (No more than 15 minutes)
3. How do you prefer the additional time be added to the instructional day?
4. What is your role? *
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