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Peer Tutor Self Assessment
Hey Peer tutor! It's time for you to think back on the last term and let us know how you did. Reflect on each of these areas: Participation, Interaction and Collaboration, Leadership and Initiative, Problem Solving, and Responsibility. Think of examples you could share and use your learning to set goals for next term.
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Contributing to the learning environment, having a good attitude towards learning, involving yourself, etc.
1. Did you contribute willingly to class and group activities?
2. Did you have a positive attitude towards the tasks you were asked to do?
Role modeling, working with students, establishing good relationships, understanding boundaries, etc.
3. Did you find ways to meaningfully support peers?
4. Did you build good relationships (kind, friendly, inclusive and professional) with peers?
5. Did you help students to work in positive and productive groups?
Stepping up, taking risks, coming up with new ideas, making suggestions, knowing what needs to be done, etc.
6. Did you step up and volunteer for responsibilities?
7. Did you do tasks without being asked by the teacher?
8. Did you encourage and support students who needed extra help?
Thinking through problems, attendance and punctuality, responsible cell phone use, etc.
9. Did you come up with strategies to solve problems that arose?
10. Did you arrive in class on time?
11. Did you successfully manage your cell phone use so that you could be present, attentive and a good role model?
What is one thing you would like to work on next term in peer tutoring?
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What do you think you earned as a letter grade?
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