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Curiosity Hunt Application
Presented by POUNCE HUNTS in conjunction with Timeless Textures
Please read the rules entirely before applying
August 7th - August 31st 2019 This is a 1L Hunt

What's this? How does that work? Who made it? Why doesn't everyone have one of these? Who, What, When, Where and Why? There are so many exciting things to discover and learn in this world. Where does your curiosity lead you? FREE THEME. Merchants can make whatever they like for this hunt. The hunt object is a hand holding a question mark.

13 Sponsor positions available 300L each, Sponsorship Fees Paid Upon Acceptance. See Our Sponsor Benefits here

This hunt is open to PG, Mature sims & Adult sims*

[*Stores in Adult sims must not be solely sexually explicit in nature, a reasonable portion of the products must be of a PG or Mature nature. Hunt objects may NOT be hidden amongst sexually explicit areas of the store and hunt prizes may NOT be sexually explicit. Stores in adult sims will have a small disclaimer placed beneath any of their slurls/info to inform child avatars of their LL TOS responsibilities concerning their presence in adult sims. If you have questions or concerns about participating please contact Xzavia Yifu to discuss your situation.]

MOST merchant types considered. However, the following merchant types will be excluded; gacha resale, breedables, resellers/affiliate vendors, BIAB (business in a box),freebies or predominantly explicit adult products.

If you rent a shop space in a club or mall that’s ok if you meet all other requirements. We will NOT accept events, clubs or malls in and of their own right, only actual merchants and their stores will be accepted. You must have direct Landmark to your store, or be within 40m of forced landing point as well as easily visible from the landing point. This WILL be checked prior to acceptance into the hunt.

Merchants using full perm components in their hunt prize/gifts MUST abide by the EULA/TOS laid out by the merchants from whom they have purchased those products.

Absolutely NO copyright infringement. Stores selling copyrighted items will NOT be accepted for hunts. If you are accepted then violate copyright laws this will get you kicked out of the hunt. No Disney, Bands, Cartoons, Games, blockbuster movie, etc. If you are using elements from other people's work outside of SL make sure they are in the public domain or have a CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication License
OR Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License

You MUST read the rules prior to filling in the application form. Seriously, click the following link read the rules then come back, don't worry we'll wait for you!
Yes, I know they are a bit long but I've learned from our previous hunts that being definitive and thorough from the beginning makes hunts run smoothly for everyone
Store Name *
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Your SL Legacy Name (NOT your display name): *
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Would You Like to Be a Hunt Sponsor? A 300L fee applies. More information here Please do NOT send payment until you have been informed by Xzavia Yifu that you've accepted for sponsorship, thank you. *
ATTENTION: Pounce Hunts now sends out a Final Kit. This will be sent upon acceptance to the hunt and at least once nearer the hunt start date. The kit includes the poster, a non-transfer hunt object as well as other relevant information. A Final Kit will be sent to you specifically although reminders can be sent to an alt or manager if you choose to use one.
How would you like to receive contact for hunt updates, reminders, additional copies of merchant kits and handling potential issues? Please check all that apply. *
If you are using an alt or manager to receive notifications for this hunt please state their name, avatar key. Any necessary reminders will be sent to them only unless they do not respond, then they will be sent to you as well. Merchant Kits will be sent to you only as hunt objects are non-transfer. Feel free to leave any relevant information you think I may need.
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SLurl to Your Store's Landing Point: *
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Sim Rating: *
I have read and agree to follow the rules laid out on the Pounce Hunts Blog for this event *
If I am accepted to this event, I agree to read all further communications and keep up to date, via the Pounce Hunts Merchants Group OR via the postmaster mailing system on any matters pertaining to this event *
I agree to provide gifts of equal quality to and of the same type or similar to the items normally sold in my store AND that I will be required to submit a pic of the item to be added to the blog alongside my hunt hint. *
I agree that if I fail to submit a prize pic with my hint I will be dropped from the hunt *
I agree to follow the EULA for any full perm content that I may use as part of the gifts for this hunt, this includes adhering to their minimum sales value. *
I agree that if I am using elements from other people's work outside of SL that I have made sure they are in the public domain or have a CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication License OR Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License
Thank you so much for your application! If accepted you will be sent an IM and a Final merchants kit directly from Xzavia Yifu.
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