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Preprint Journal Club Community Survey
Hello and welcome to our Survey! We are a group of scientists that are passionate about Open Science. We believe preprints are a great way to make science more transparent and to stimulate new and exciting collaborations.

This project aims to develop resources to encourage the hosting of Preprint Journal Clubs at different research institutions around the world. Discussing preprints not only allows researchers to learn about the latest results in their field as soon as possible, but it also gives them – particularly early career researchers – the opportunity to develop and improve their manuscript review skills, and to contribute towards improving the research output by providing feedback to the authors when there is still time to do something about it!

You can help us develop this project by filling out this quick survey so we can assess the level of interest in developing resources for Preprint Journal Clubs.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project email us at

Thank you!

1. Please enter your name (optional)
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2. Please enter your email address (optional)
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3. Please enter the name of your Institution/Organization (optional)
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4. Are you working in:
5. Have you hosted a preprint Journal Club in your institution/organization?
6. If you answered No to Question 5, would you be interested in hosting a Preprint Journal Club?
7. If you answered Yes to Question 5, please comment on whether it was a success and if there are ways your Journal Club could have been improved
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8. Does your institution/organization have a Post Peer Review Journal Club scheme already set up?
9. Do you forsee any barriers in setting up a Preprint Journal Club and, if so, do you have any suggestions for how to overcome these barriers?
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10. If you were to host a Preprint Journal Club, would you be willing to provide a review/feedback to the authors?
11. If you answered Yes or Maybe to Question 10, would it be helpful if you had guidance on how to structure the review?
12. How long would you be willing to spend writing a review for the authors?
13. Have you ever reviewed a manuscript as part of the peer review process?
14. Have you had training in reviewing non-peer reviewed manuscripts?
15. Do you think writing a Preprint Review would provide beneficial training for early career researchers?
16. Have you written or contributed towards a manuscript?
17. If you answered Yes to Question 16, do you think it would have been useful to have input from the scientific community whilst you were constructing/finalizing your manuscript?
18. If you answered Yes to Question 17, would you prefer those comments to be open and viewable by the community, or private/emailed to you?
19. Have you ever read a preprint that was posted on an online repository, like bioRxiv, PeerJ or
20. If you answered Yes to Question 19, were there any comments posted with the preprint?
21. If you answered Yes to Question 20, were the comments helpful to you?
22. If you have any further comments about Preprint Journal Clubs, please add them here. Thank you!
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