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Need Mutual Aid Staunton, Augusta, Waynesboro
We are an unofficial group of neighbors in the region who want to help match people who are experiencing hardships from COVID-19 distancing and closures with volunteers. We won't be able to meet every need but we want to help where we can. This list of needs is based on what our volunteers are offering. If you have other needs, let us know here of on our Facebook page.

Safety first (and second). In addition to using best practices to prevent COVID-19, remember, we are meeting strangers from the internet. Use good judgement. Be prepared to say no to requests which make you uncomfortable (meeting people at night, going to remote locations). Be prepared to hear no as well. Don’t request that people pick narcotic medications or go to the bank. If something feels “off,” back off and let us know.

No one on here should be charging you for anything except the cost of your groceries/other goods they're picking up for you. If someone does, please let the coordinator who contacted you know.

A word about gift cards: People have volunteered to give cards so people can get needed supplies. As you can imagine, their availability is limited. We're trusting people to ask for what they need and give what they can.

This is a new group and an evolving situation. We don't have a budget or sponsors. We just want to help. Please be patient. Be safe. Be well.
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