Liturgical Formation Topics
Which of these topics would you most like to learn more about to help you in your ministry?
Writing intercessions
Liturgical environment
How to read a church
How to do a worship aid
How to write a bulletin article (or web post) on Liturgy
Care and feeding of liturgical ministers
Training Lectors
Training Communion Ministers
Liturgical hospitality
Liturgy and evangelization
What to do when the bishop comes
The story of the liturgical movement
How we went from Latin to English
How to do a bilingual liturgy
Why liturgy matters
Why sing?
History of the liturgy
Liturgy vs devotion
Administrative leadership
Liturgy and Justice
Liturgy of the Word
Liturgical arts
Communion rite
Eucharistic Prayer
The 12 fundamentals of liturgy
Vatican II on liturgy
Three popes on liturgy (John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Francis)
How to evaluate liturgy
Liturgical catechesis
Mystagogical reflection techniques
Primary liturgical symbols
How to define and explain liturgy
Getting people to sing
How the liturgical calendar works
Liturgical flow and rhythm
Planning a liturgy
Planning a prayer service
Sunday Mass
How to increase participation
Liturgy of the Hours
Rites of the RCIA
Liturgy 101
How to read a rite
How to read the General Instruction of the Roman Missal
Key liturgy and music documents for ministry
Spiritual formation for liturgical ministers
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