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Chris Lowe Nutrition Coaching: Pre-sale List
If you’re looking for help and guidance through nutrition coaching, you're in the right place - I work with athletes to help them look, feel and perform better. To find out more, I’d encourage you to sign up to the presale list to find out what nutrition coaching is all about and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Being on the presale list gives you two key advantages:

1) Since you’ll have full access and unlimited support through the coaching programme, I'm only opening it to a small number of motivated individuals. Therefore, signing up to the presale list will make you more likely to get a spot. The coaching spots will go fast; therefore you’ll have your spot secured before I release further spaces to the general public. Prior to announcing the coaching programme, you’ll have the opportunity to confirm your registration. So don’t worry, securing your spot does not mean that you’re committed to it.

2) Once you’ve confirmed your spot, you’ll also pay less than everyone else. By joining the presale list you’ll get 20% off the total cost as a reward for simply being interested in changing the way you look, feel and perform.

Once you're on the presale list, I'll be sending you more information regarding the coaching programme nearer the programme start date.

The next Coaching Programme re-opens on July 30th 2018
Coaching Criteria
One very important thing before you continue.

As places on the coaching programme are limited, I do ask that you fit the following criteria. This will not only position you to achieve serious results, but will ensure that I am most suited to you so I can provide the most value possible during the coaching period.

The coaching criteria are:

1) You are not looking for a quick fix or one-off meal plan. I work with individuals looking to achieve the best possible results. This is why the duration of nutrition coaching is a minimum of three months as it will allow for adequate time to develop an excellent working relationship and for the strategy used to be effective.

2) As I provide high-quality nutrition coaching and results, affordable or discounted coaching should not be a factor. When it comes to nutrition coaching, you get exactly what you pay for. This comes through years of experience and applying evidence-based coaching aimed to achieve the best possible results.

3) In order to get the most out of nutrition coaching, it is preferable that you have an understanding of basic nutrition principles and have had some experience in monitoring your own nutrition. If this isn’t you, I’m more than happy to recommend other trustworthy and qualified nutritionists.

4) The goal is to maximise your results, and part of the equation is exercise. For non-athletes, it is preferable that you are a trained individual. This means that you must have performed resistance training or intense exercise for a minimum of three times a week for at least 1 year.

5) You are not looking for medical advice to treat a clinical condition. If this is you, then please consult a specialist through your doctor’s practice who will direct you accordingly.

If you meet the coaching criteria above, excellent - please continue.

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