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2018 Burlington Permaculture Permablitz Application
Might your place be suitable for a Permablitz in 2018? The Burlington Permaculture Permablitz Network will begin with 3-4 residential permablitzes from May through November this year. Some of which may be public, community, or multiple stakeholder locations. Permablitzes are work parties, comparable to barn-raisings, that implement several parts of a permaculture design all in one day. They function as community-building, hands-on educational events and can accomplish more than an individual resident or household might be able to achieve in an entire season. Permablitzes are work parties built on the foundation of good permaculture design.
We're seeking permablitz hosts who:
- are or have been committed to reciprocity: by working on other properties, supporting the network in other ways
- are willing to consider creative ways of using their home and yard to foster community, resource abundance, education, land access, or mutual aid.
- are bridge-builders to other communities, networks, or groups of people in this area

Permablitzes take steps towards accomplishing the physical work and the community work of transformation and resilience-building.

Please submit your information no later than Friday, April 14th, 2018!

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In which of the following towns are you living? *
We are focusing in the immediate vicinity of Burlington for the 2018 season. If you are not in one of the following towns, please email to discuss other ways we can support you.
Physical address of the potential site *
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Describe your previous involvement with Burlington Permaculture, if applicable *
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Have you participated in a Burlington Permaculture permablitz or attended any of our potlucks? Please provide details! *
We ask this in order to establish a system of reciprocity! It may not apply to the early phases of this project.
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Are you applying for a Residential or Community Permablitz? *
Do you already have a permaculture design/plan for the property? If yes, tell us about it (i.e. who created it? What is the level of detail? etc.) *
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If you don't have an existing permaculture design, would you be willing to: *
(Check all that apply)
Approximate size of the property or lot: *
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Please describe your neighborhood: *
Tell us about you and your space. Why are you interested in a permablitz? What big visions do you have? What is challenging about your property? Anything else we should know? *
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What are some of your wishlist items for your space? Please check all that apply. *
Permablitzing is all about bridge-building and strengthening connections through work together. Are there individuals, communities, or organizations that you're connected to that you'd like to invite to your blitz? *
We ask because we're interested in supporting our community and connecting groups of people through shared work, together.
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You (the host) is responsible for sourcing/finding materials and supplies for the permablitz (depending on your design, and with the support of the organizer). In the past, hosts have spent somewhere between 10-20 hours in the month or two before their 'blitz gathering, purchasing, or salvaging materials. Would you prefer to: *
Are there bathrooms present for workers to use? *
Do you have space for 20 people to work? *
Do you have space for 10-20 people to park cars? *
We'll encourage carpooling and alternative transport to the greatest extent possible
Do you have enough space for people to sit down (inside or outside) for lunch? *
Does Not Work
We'll Make it Work
Works Really Well
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Are you able to provide a soup or main dish for lunch, with other permablitzers supplying additional potluck items? *
Tell us a little bit about your ability to maintain any work done on your property after the permablitz and/or be a "demonstration site" for permaculture? *
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Anything else you'd like us to know about you, your household or your place?
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In what ways do you envision giving back to your community, following your permablitz? *
Imagine your yard transformed in a day - what support do you anticipate needing following the blitz? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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