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Transportation Appeal Form
This form can be used by parents for 2 purposes:

1. Parents can request changes to their child's bus route for special circumstances.

2. School bus stop appeals may be made by parents/guardians in cases in which the assigned bus stop location poses a safety hazard for the student. Typically, these include limited sight distance for drivers approaching the bus stop or bus stops located in a curve or on a hill. School bus stops are established using Illinois School Code and Unit 5 Board of Education guidelines.

School bus routes and bus stops are established based on the following criteria:

•Bus stops are to be located at a centralized location to allow accessibility to multiple students at one location.
•School buses shall not deviate from the established route path, except as required due to construction or an emergency.
•Transportation is not provided to students who reside within 1.5 miles from the school, unless deemed necessary by Illinois State Code.
•Factors considered when reviewing bus stop appeals include: age of the student(s), number of students assigned to the bus stop, distance from the residence to the bus stop, roadway characteristics, consistency with other bus stop locations, and special needs considerations of the student(s).
•The goal of the department is to provide consistency in bus stops throughout the District. Parents are encouraged to monitor children while at the school bus stop to enhance their safety and well being.

Please complete one form per school.
Day Phone #
Evening/Cell #
Parent e-mail
Student Name (Last Name, First Name) If you have multiple children in the same school, please list the oldest.
School Name
Present Stop Location- AM
Present Stop Location- PM
Bus #- AM
Bus #- PM
Requested Stop
Please state the characteristics of the present stop assignment which justify a change in the location of the stop or placement of an additional school bus stop.
Forms will be processed within seven business days of receipt.
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