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Cobbitty Fox Campaign - Autumn 2019 workshop
Cobbitty residents are invited to a public meeting to hear about a new vertebrate pest control campaign in their local area. Coordinated by Cobbitty landholders, Barragal Landcare Group, Camden Council and Greater Sydney Local Land Services, the meeting will outline the best way to reduce the impact of foxes as well as the new Cobbitty Vertebrate Pest Control Group (CVPCG).

Foxes pose a serious threat to local wildlife in the area as well as native vegetation, domestic pets and livestock. Coordinated control campaigns over a larger area are the most effective way to reduce pest numbers. The campaign is about taking a whole of community approach to fox management which includes training for landholders in cage trapping, laying baits safely as well as how to reduce resources available to foxes.

The meeting will be held on 1 April 2019 at Cobbitty Church Hall, 6 - 8 pm

Register below or contact Brendon Levot on 0412 152 998 for further information.

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