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Parent Grading Pilot Review
Last year Dighton High piloted a grading system using two categories, formative(10%) and summative(90%). Formative assignments are assignments that include the practice of newly learned concepts. Summative assignments include projects and tests which assess skills attained. They are the culmination of the practiced skills or formative assignments. Teachers came to the decision to pilot this system to eliminate compliance grading and stress the importance of skill/concept mastery. With a Covid 'vacation' last spring we did not get feedback from staff, parents, and students to review the piloted system. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions to help drive the decision making process to do the best for our students.
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What effect did the piloted grading system have on your child's effort? *
Did the the piloted grading system affect the level of concern your child had regarding his/her grades? *
Did the piloted system affect your concerns regarding your child's grades? *
What do you see as the benefits with piloted grading system? *
What concerns do you see with the piloted grading system? *
What suggestions/ideas do you have as parents to assist in meeting our building of increased ACT scores for college bound students and Work Keys certificates for non-college bound students? We value your feedback. Thank you for taking time to provide input. *
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