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2021 March- May Saturday Code club
Classes provided by Creative Coding Hong Kong
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Terms And Conditions
FEES 費用:

* Course fees are payable every term, due on or before the first class of term or day-camp.
* 課程費用請在學期或日營開班當日或之前按期支付。

* A student who attends a class without prior enrollment shall be deemed to have enrolled, consented to pay for (that class and) all remaining classes and agreed to all terms and conditions herein.
* 無事先通知就讀課程會被視為及等同於同意入學條款細則,學生家屬必須支付課程所有剩餘的費用。

* Payment can be made by cash, cheque or via bank transfer. All payment is non-refundable. All cheques are to be made payable to Creative Coding HK Ltd.
* 課程費用可通過現金,支票或銀行轉賬支付,恕不退款。所有請支票抬頭寫 Creative Coding HK Ltd.


* In the unlikely event that Creative Coding HK Ltd. (CCHK) is unable to run any class(es), for example, if EDB announces for all-school suspension, CCHK will strive to provide advance notice as early as possible and will provide the option to transfer such lesson credit(s) to another course at the same period or the next term.

* 在極少數無法預測情況下課堂無法開辦,例如教育局宣佈停課,本公司會盡早通知並且提供轉入同期或下期其他課程的選擇。

* In the event that CCHK is unable to run any course(s) which has not commenced (for the avoidance of doubt, prior to the first day of the term or the day-camp), CCHK will strive to provide advance notice as early as possible and will provide the option to transfer to an alternative course which is running, or to opt for a full refund of the course fees.
* 如整個課程無法開辦,本公司會盡早通知並且提供轉入其他課程或全額退款的選擇。

* CCHK reserves the right to withdraw any student from a course and will issue a refund of the course fees in respect of such student and such course.
* 在必要情況下,本公司將保留撤消學生入學資格或全額退款的所有的權利。

* If a student withdraws from a term course after the commencement, the applicable course fees will not be refunded except if the student has incurred an injury or an illness (supported with a doctor's note to this effect) preventing them from participating in our course, for a maximum of two (2) term lessons.

* 除因傷或疾病 (須附醫生證明) 而無法參與課堂 (每學期最多兩堂),如學生無法參與課堂,恕不退款。

* Refunds for day camp is not possible If a student withdraws after the commencement.
* 日營課程開始後學生因任何理由無法參與課堂,將不能退款。

* Refunds, make-up classes or credit notes due to extreme weather and other unforeseen circumstances (for example if EDB announces for all-school suspension) are not possible.
* 由於極端天氣和其他無法預計的情況下 (例:教育局突然宣佈停課),退款,補課或信用票據恕不退換。


* Only one planned absence can be deducted from term fee with prior written notice and before term or camp commences.
* 只有一堂的缺席可以在事先書面通知和任期開始前從學期或日營費中扣除。

* If a child is absent due to illness or personal reasons, no refund will be made. However, if another suitable class is available to attend, such class will be offered, which may not be in the same location and time, and is subject to availability.
* 如果孩子因疾病或個人原因缺席,則不予退款。但是,如果有其他合適的課程可供參加,我們將為您提供可能不在同一地點和時間的課程。

* All classes will be canceled in the event where EDB announces for all-school suspension, Typhoon Signal 8 or higher, or black rain warning is hoisted at 8 am for morning classes or camps and 12 noon for afternoon classes or camps.
* 若教育局通知學校課堂取消,如特別事故、暴雨警告、八號或以上颱風信號發生,所有課程將會被取消。上午班取消為早上八時或之前懸掛黑雨警告,下午班取消則中午十二時或之前懸掛黑雨警告。

* No refunds, make-up classes or credit notes will be made in this case.

* 在以上列明的特別情況下,恕不退款,補課或貸記通知書。


* Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. Parent(s), guardian(s) and or children arriving before will be asked to stay outside the premise. All students must be under adult supervision whilst waiting for class to start.
* 請在學生或團隊開始前於10分鐘前到達課室。在此之前到達的家屬、監護人或學生將被要求在外面或其他地方等候。所有學生必須在成人監督下等待課程開始。

* Students should be accompanied, to and from the class by the parent(s) and or guardian(s). To ensure a focused environment, guardian(s) are asked to stay out during the session. Please ensure students are picked up promptly by the end of class.

* 學生須在家屬及監護人陪同下到達課室。課堂期間請勿逗留。家屬及監護人請確保盡時在課堂完結時接回學生。

* Students are encouraged to ensure personal hygiene and cleanliness of themselves and the classroom. Please ensure to wear comfortable clothing and trainers or shoes that do not mark floors and leave the premises clean.

* 學生須謹守維持個人及地方清潔衛生,穿著舒適服裝及不標記地板的鞋子。

* The above three (3) requirements are exempted in the scenario of an after school activities whereby classes commence immediately after a regular school day.
* 以上三項條款謹限於非在校內的課後活動的課程。

* All participants registered in CCHK courses do so at their own risk and the company is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to students, their family members, and guests as a result of participating in these activities.

* 所有在本公司註冊的學生須自行承擔風險,因參加這些活動導致學生,家屬和監護人的任何損失,傷害或損害,本公司一律概不負責。


* Completion of the registration form implies consent to the use of photographs, video and sound recordings of the student during the course for staff training, quality assurance, parental reference, marketing and promotional purposes in print, media and online. If you do not consent, please call 94698225 before completing the form.
* 遞交表格意味著您同意在課程期間使用貴子女的照片,錄像和錄音以進行員工培訓,質量保證,家屬參考,市場推廣和印刷,媒體和網絡宣傳。若不同意,請於遞表前致電94698225。


* CCHK takes data privacy very seriously and we handle all our customer data in accordance with Hong Kong laws and ordinances. If you would like to opt-out of additional marketing information please contact us at
* CCHK非常重視數據隱私,我們根據香港法律和條例處理所有客戶數據。 若想選擇退出其他營銷信息,請電郵 聯繫

We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions without prior written notice.

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