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This form is to help M. Roy Cartography & Design figure out a game plan for your map/design project and determine a project price estimate. Please fill in as much information as possible, and send any relevant data and artwork to Large projects may require a deposit. Discounted services are available to students, nonprofit organizations, and social or environmental justice groups with demonstrated need. You may still receive further follow-up questions after submitting this form. Thank you!
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(plus other forms of contact you deem helpful)
How did you find out about M. Roy Cartography?
Primary Project Goal
Briefly describe what the take-home message of this project should be.
Who will be be receiving and viewing this project?
Final Output Media
How will the final product(s) be presented -- In print (brochure, book, poster, etc.), or on the web (static, interactive, in an app)? Be specific about how many deliverables you'll require, and in which forms.
Include inches for a printed product, and aspect ratio for a digital product. If the printed product will be folded, include the number of folds.
When are your first and final draft deadlines?
When is the project release date? Where and for how long will this graphic be shown?
Do you have color, font, or other style preferences? If you have links to images that inspire this project, send them to
Additional Artwork
Will you want additional artwork included in your project, and if so, do you have a different artist in mind, or would you like M. Roy Cartography & Design to do the artwork? If the latter, please describe the artwork you would like included.
Map Footprint
If your project is a map, what should the footprint of your map(s) be, i.e. how far should the boundaries extend to the North, East, South and West?
Base Map Info
What background information should appear on your map(s)? Some examples include roads (mains, sides, and highways), topography (shaded relief, isolines), parks, background labels (for bodies of water, natural features, all or some streets, all or some neighborhoods), and landmarks.
How complete is your data? Do you need help finalizing it? How likely is it that the data or project requests will change throughout the course of the project?
Other Comments/Questions/Concerns
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