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AEE Alberta event feedback form
Thank you for your participation in the AEE Alberta’s Energy Efficiency in Oil and Gas Summit. We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on the event sessions and identify how we can improve your experience in our future events.
1. The sessions were well planned and organized by the host team. *
2. Overall, the topics covered were engaging and held my interest. *
3. I found the speakers knowledgeable about their areas of expertise as showcased through their presentations and responses to panel/audience questions. *
4. I found Panel discussion _____ (A/B/C) most interesting of all three *
5. The venue was well suited to the event and I would attend future events at the Bow. *
6. I found the event informative and had at least one takeaway that I can implement in my daily work. *
7. I will encourage others to join future AEE Alberta events. *
8. I would like to learn more about the following topics in future AEE Alberta sessions. *
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