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Good Makers Market Spring 2020
Spring Market 2020
Friday, May 22 from 3-8
Saturday, May 23 from 9-4
Location- 1195 210th st Tipton, Ia 52772
Cedar County Fair Grounds - Yes, I know what you're thinking, fair grounds?!?!? Trust me. It's super cute promise! Picture this, a beautiful white barn with gorgeous wood floors and ceilings that reach the sky, green grass, lots of huge trees for shade and tons and tons of parking for tons and tons of shoppers!!! YAY!!!
In case you're wondering where the heck this is, it's not far off Interstate 80 in between the Quad Cities and Iowa City.

Contact- Jess at Or message us on facebook@goodmakersmarket

The low down...
This is a juried market. Meaning vendors are hand picked based on photos and description. Awesome pics are SUPER important:) We love us some GOOD eye candy;) If you are new business, don't be discouraged. We LOVE introducing fresh talent to the scene.
Our focus is primarily on vintage/re-purposed, and handmade artisan goods. We know some of you have shops or mobile boutiques selling "new/market" items. Our goal is to find those that bring this option to our shoppers in a unique and beautiful way that flows with the vibe of our show. So...bring your "A" game...awesome displays, killer products, and a big pair of a happy pants!!!

Our vendor selection is very well thought out. It is important to us to keep a good variety of items for our shoppers. We try hard not to overlap in too many categories. We love to rotate in and out vendors in popular categories. We also ask that you bring the goods that you list on your application.

Also, we are required by the State of Iowa to have a Sales Tax Number for all vendors. If you do not have a Sales Tax Number or proof of registration we can't let you sell. They no longer issue temporary tax permits. If you don't have one please register your business. Sorry, not our rule but we have to follow it. Yay for taxes!

APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JANUARY 17!!! We will begin our selections once applications are closed. You will be emailed if you've been accepted within 2 weeks. Once accepted, you will receive an invoice via email, PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS otherwise you forfeit your spot.
**Rain or shine the show must go on.
**Booth fees are non-refundable for any reason**

Booth options---
**Inside- Here's the deal, all booths inside the barn are approximately 13 x 13. Since we the barn spots are pretty popular, we are only allowing 1 booth space per vendor inside the barn. Barn spaces are VERY, VERY limited but we will try our best to give everyone their first choice. Metal Building spaces are 12 x 12 and are also very limited.

**Outside- All outdoor booths are 12 x 12. All on grass. All flat ground so don't worry about hauling things up and down hills:) We prefer that you have a tent (like, a cute white one) We want to create an amazing "boutique" shopping experience. Plus a tent will help protect your goods from the weather should it happen to rain. Please make sure your tent is weighted and staked down. We would hate for your tent to blow in to your neighbors. So be a good neighbor:)

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