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Pet Profile Rescue Adoption and Foster Application
Please take a moment to fill out this form in its entirety. Be honest with your answers and answer all questions. Leaving a question blank, providing false or withholding information could result in denial. Completion of this application does not guarantee approval. We reserve the right to deny any applicant if we believe the dog is not a good fit. Please be sure to check your email.

ALL QUESTIONS WITH AN * MUST BE COMPLETED FOR APPLICATION TO PROCESS. Potential adopters and fosters must be at least 21 years of age, live in their own home (not with your parents unless disabled), and have reliable income. In addition, pets in your home must be spayed/neutered, current on rabies and dogs MUST be on heart-worm prevention.

Our application and foster process is as follows: 1) application review with phone interview, 2) reference check, 3) home check, and 4) meet and greet with your entire family. If everyone agrees that it is a great match, you will then sign the contract  and pay the adoption fee at that point. We will either call or email you to set up a phone interview. We will NEVER contact you via Facebook NOR will we ever ask for an adoption fee before you meet the dog. If someone contacts you through Facebook saying they are with our rescue, they are SCAMMERS.
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Email *
Did you read the above statement and meet the minimum requirements? *
Your name/age? *
Address? (include city, state, zip code & e-mail) *
What is your email? *
What is your phone number(s)? *
Occupation/weekly hours? *
Spouse/significant other? (name, age, occupation & weekly hours) *
Do other adults live in the home, if so list name & ages? *
How many children? Ages? *
What pet are you interested in and why? *
If this pet is not available, would you consider another adoptable or foster? *
Other pets in the home?  (If so, list breed, sex, age. Specify if spayed or neutered) *
How long at current residence? *
Own or rent? *
If you rent, please email a copy of the renter's agreement stating you can have pets or a letter from the landlord giving permission. Email In addition, please provide name and phone number of landlord. *
Is your yard securely fenced? *
If not fenced, how will you handle potty breaks? *
How many hours will your pet be expected to "hold it"? *
Who will be responsible for the pet you adopt or foster? *
Where will the pet sleep? *
Where will the pet be during the day? *
Who will care for the pet in emergencies or vacations? (list name & phone #). Note: for foster applicants, please put: n/a.
How much are you willing to spend if the pet becomes ill or injured? (for foster applicants, put n/a) *
How long have you been looking for a pet? *
Has everyone in the home agreed to this adoption?  If not, whom and why not? *
Will this pet be inside/outside/or both *
What would you do if you no longer want this pet? *
Are you planning to move anytime soon? *
How will you discipline the pet *
Are you aware there is an non-refundable adoption fee? *
Are you 21 years or older, capable of entering into a legally binding contract, and financially capable of providing the necessary medical care and healthy food for this pet? *
It may take several weeks for a new pet to adjust.  Are you willing to allow this animal at period of two weeks adjust? *
Use this space for comments, concerns or ask questions.  Thanks for choosing to adopt or foster! PPR
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