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SCUMC 2019 Vision Survey
As part of our vision process, we are completing a survey. We invite all members, participants, as well as any others who feel they are part of the life of our church to complete and submit it.

Please answer these questions as fully as possible, to provide the most value for this survey. If anyone requires assistance in filling out this form, please contact the church office. It is important that we hear from as many people as possible, and so we ask you to give or forward the survey to any friends or family who are not able to be here these next weeks. Deadline for submission is Sunday, February 17th.

For the purpose of the privacy, we have added a password to this online form. You can find this in your church bulletins, or will have received it by email. If you have not, or have any difficulty accessing the form, please contact the church office.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation.

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