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Is the war between science and religions over?
Hi, My name is Esha Rana. This questionnaire is to help me with my research for my Society and Culture's Personal Interest Project (PIP). I am conducting this survey to gather thoughts and perspectives about the conflicts between science and religion. All the responses will remain anonymous and completely confidential.
Thank you!
1.What is your age? *
2.What is your gender? *
3.Do you think science and religion are at conflict with each other?
4.Which religion do you follow? *
5.Do you think science and religion overlap with each other?
6.Which theory of creation of universe do you believe in?
7.Has modernisation improved science and religion acceptance of one other?
8.Which ones do you consider are some of the main reasons of conflict/war? (Select as many)
9. Do you think cloning of humans is ethical?
10. Do you think religion and science will ever find a happy compromise?
11. Do you think religious people are wrong for not accepting science and likewise for science people?
12. What are your views for this whole topic?
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