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SNJ Media Room Application 2019-2020
The South NJ Media Room:

The South NJ Media Room is the driving force behind – An Online Community for Israel. is an activism platform and a mobile application that mobilizes thousands worldwide to act for Israel online from the palm of their hand.

The Ambassador Program Internship:

The South NJ Media Room Ambassador Program Internship will consist of a hand-picked group of 10th grade students. Developing a set of skills that will set them apart in today’s competitive college application process and job market, participants will be part of an elite advocacy team engaged in social media development, campaign creation, community outreach, graphic design and distribution of information. The group will be led by experienced mentors.

All ambassadors will receive an official certification from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.

Participants must be available and willing to contribute 2 hours per week, on Wednesday evenings, on-site and 1 hour at home. Also, participants must attend a training workshops.

Participation in different community events as Media Room representatives.

If you meet these requirements, please continue to the application below.

Please note suitable candidates will be invited for in-person interviews.

For any questions or additional information please contact Dorin Mendelby, Program Manager, at
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