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Rio HondoPrep Prospective Student Contact Form
Use this form to provide information to the RHP Staff for a contact interested
in having a student attending RHP--Information should be about the student:
Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Gender *
Student's home address *
Address and Street
Student's address *
City, State, Zip Code
Student's Date of Birth *
Grade Enterting RHP *
Write in the grade student is considering
Name of current school and location *
Person completing this form: *
What is your relationship to the student?
If you listed "Other" in the question above - please describe your relationship to the student
Contact: First Name *
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Contact Phone # *
(Area Code) __________
Contact email *
Is the student a Kare Youth League member? *
How did you hear about Rio Hondo Prep *
Do you have special information or questions to discuss?
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